BISE Kohat Board 10th Class Result 2020

BISE Kohat Board 10th Class Result 2020

BISE Kohat 10th class result 2020 is going to be announced on 28th June 2020.

Kohat is the capital city of the province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The education trends are not great in the Kohat region because people tend not to send their children to schools in Kohat that’s why literacy rate is quite low in the KPK region, but still, KPK Government is trying to improve the education standard there. 

Bise Kohat is answerable to the KPK Government because it comes under their jurisdiction. The Government has passed quite a new laws and has been compensating the parents of children so that they could send their children to schools, that why they would eventually become an asset to Pakistan in future but for now they can quickly check their bise Kohat 10th class result by clicking the button below.

Peshwar itself is a district in Pakistan. Kohat is one of the coldest areas of Pakistan. The temperature there never goes above 15 degrees, and the primary source of income of people there is tourism. People from all over Pakistan and the world visit Kohat to enjoy the snow and cold weather that’s why the number, so students gaining education there is quite low, but you can still check bise Kohat class 10 result 2020. You check their result from

Kohat comes under Khyber Pakhtunkhwa administration which means the part 2 SSC result Kohat board will be announced on 28th June in Kohat. As like other cities in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region. The official language of the Kohat division is Pashto. Students study in Pashto and English in the schools of Kohat. 

Kohat is only a few kilometers away from Rawalpindi city, but it comes under the leadership of the KPK Government. Kohat is a hub that connects the whole Pakistan with the northern areas anyone going anywhere for tourism purposes has to go through Kohat. The standard of education in Kohat is better than most schools in KPK that’s why every year a lot of students search for Kohat Board results of class 10. 


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